About Us

We live in Southeastern Massachusetts, close to Cape Cod. We have tried to reproduce the incredible beauty of our garden in a dream world of pigment on canvas. We enjoy taking photographs of local landscapes and close-ups of flowers, birds, butterflies, and insects. We capture the exotic right in our own backyard! Our backyard is a microcosm of the world. We observe the life cycle of all the plants and creatures  and all the adventures and mysteries that occur in between.

We have used archival technology. We took these pictures using Sony Alpha SLT and  DSLR cameras.We enhance the pictures in Photoshop  and print on canvas using an HP Z3100 wide format professional printer. This process creates the effect of a painting and gives a taste of the unparalleled beauty of nature itself. We exclusively use HP Vivera 200 year archival inks and HP professional canvas.

Our family has had a longstanding interest in gardening and butterflies. Robin has nurtured a butterfly garden with larval plants, which creates a popular way station for a variety of butterflies. Richard provides the computer, technical, and carpentry skills. He stretches, frames,  and mounts the pictures. Although they are photographs, each picture is unique because Richard uses hundreds of Photoshop features which affect light, texture, shadow and tone and he is never satisfied with just duplicating the original. As our photography has progressed, we have each challenged ourselves to master both the photographic process and the post production techniques.We have advanced our skills by participating in several seminars and hands on workshops in photography.

We enjoy observing life in our backyard. Each day the garden unfolds new wonders: the sweet scent of the lilies, the whirring sound of the hummingbird’s wings, the explosion of color in the lantana, the antics of the frogs and snakes in the pond, and the delicate beauty of the butterfly. We watch the seasons pass and observe life renewed. Discovering and photographing these wonders brings us great joy and we take pleasure in sharing it with you.