Backyard Adventures

Harbingers of Spring

We had some beautiful sunny days in Plymouth this past week and my courtyard came alive. Last Thursday my fence was lined with robins.

They hung out on the fence, my outdoor fireplace and the roof of my neighbor’s home just long enough for me to take some photos.

I heard a ruckus at the end of the courtyard so I went around through the garage to investigate. The birds were disturbed by my presence but I saw the aftermath of their feast. The end of my courtyard is bordered by two hetzi columnar juniper trees which had been laden with dark blue juniper berries.They must have knocked off the berries in their feeding.


I caught this robin above the tree with a berry in his beak.

There were less than a handful of berries left on the trees.

A couple of the robins enjoyed a bird bath in my heated pond and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them



It must have looked refreshing because another one followed suit and took the plunge.

I had a few other visitors that morning who had their fill of birdseed and hung out on the double bird feeder pole and on the fireplace.


My glorious reflections returned that same morning as the slant of the sun hit the garden globe at just the right angle.What a surprise as I entered the study door!

My passion flower plants are thriving and my orchid plant is just about to bloom. Spring can’t be far off now!