Backyard Adventures

New Year Transitions

The last week in September, I stayed at my mother’s timeshare in Provincetown. It is a small unit but beautifully situated right on the beach with a  spectacular view.





I love having the time to observe and savor each moment when there are no distractions.The week usually falls around the jewish high holidays so it is also a time of self reflection.

This year I was recovering from shingles and lyme disease which had invaded my body at the same time.I was still low energy and it was painful to hold my camera for long periods of time so I dedicated the week to writing. It was a good thing because after day two it rained continulously!

Last year I went to Race Point Beach on the west side of Provincetown to shoot the sunset, supposedly the best spot in Ptown.

_dsc7602-editThis year I caught the sunset right from my own backyard so to speak.



You can see the Pilgrim monument tower in the distance.



I was reminded of a lesson Dick and I had discovered: you frequently get the best photos right in your own backyard.  On a broader level, I realized we often only have to look to ourselves for answers rather than searching elsewhere.

I had a few black swallowtail chrysalises from my courtyard which had not yet hatched out before I left. I took the potted plant of parsley and dill from my garden, where the caterpillars had formed their chrysalises,and brought it to Ptown with me.


Can you see the two chrysalises here?

Not only was I able to enjoy the butterflies when they emerged but I put the plant outside my unit on the boardwalk by the beach so all my neighbors could enjoy them as well.









Before the butterflies pump fluid into their wings they hang out for awhile and are very tame. My neighbor took some photos of me as the butterfly crawled up my arm before taking flight.img_2800



On another gloomy, cloudy day, the sun came out just in time to set and the sky was a rich medley of pinks and purples.



Just as the sky transitioned from dark, overcast clouds to a beautiful shimmering light and the butterfly emerged from a drab chrysalis to a graceful, jewel in perfect symmetry, I also feel like I am moving forward on my own journey of renewal. I am reminded of my rabbi’s sermon about moving beyond grief or difficult times to begin to dream new dreams. I hope these photos of the sunset and butterflies ready to spread their wings inspire you to think about new beginnings, dreams, light and freedom.