Sunset over Old Silver Beach

I remember a professional photographer asking our camera club members to send him photos prior to a workshop. The instructions included  “and, please, no photos of sunsets or your kids”. Well, I don’t care if they are mine or yours but I love children’s photos and I love sunsets. The beauty that shines through, when the photographer captures a child’s personality, is exceptional. I wish I was talented enough to photograph children!

And sunsets. Obviously the photographer thought they were very trite but I could never get enough of nature’s glory. Each sunset is unique and tells it’s own story, just as the photograph of a child.The scene changes minute to minute, much as children’s emotions and expressions do.

This past Wednesday I joined the new Pine Hills photography club  to photograph the sunset at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth.The first photo was taken at 4:14 pm and the last at 5:24pm. Even at that hour, it was hard to leave as there was still lingering color in the sky . The sunset was so magnificent that the photos required very little post processing.

So, pretend you are at the beach, sit back, relax, and enjoy the virtual sunset!


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